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"We watched our first DVD last Monday, we all loved it. My four year old loved the stories and songs. The Questions helped him pay attention to the lesson and made him think about how it affected his life. Thank you so much for these wonderful DVD's. We can't wait for more to come out."
Next year is the bicentennial of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. President Nelson announced that next years General Conference will focus on the restoration of the gospel. One of my favorite lessons I produced was on Joseph Smiths First Vision.

In this lesson our animated character Ben builds a huge skate ramp but in his haste forgets to build the landing ramp. The result is a broken leg. Ouch! On the way to the hospital Bens dad shares the story of the leg surgery Joseph Smiths endured as a small boy. When Ben asks to know more about Joseph Smith, his dad tells him about the time Joseph prayed to know which church to join and received a miraculous visit from Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ. 

Ben learns that he can be courageous just like Joseph Smith who played a very important part in our Heavenly Fathers plan to restore His gospel.

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